How to Build an Online Community for Seniors

A Self-Paced Virtual Course

Learn how to create an effective and engaging online community for senior citizens. Apply aging theory to best serve and reach older people online as an extension of your on-site operations. 

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Whether you are using our AgeFlux, a competitor, a freebie, and ESPECIALLY if you are deciding what is right for you, this course will be useful to solving some common questions we’ve been answering around the aging and tech.  Here is our fact sheet and below is the course outline.

What platform is right for my older people?

How do I know if it’s working?

How do I know if it is going to be worth it?

How do I get my older adults to engage?

Will it be sustainable?

What else should I be asking?

I’ve never managed a community before, can I do this?  (YES!)

Self-paced with 5 modules, 15 lessons, 30 videos, a workbook, and aging theory integrated at every turn.

Here is the course outline:

  • Identify Your Goals
    • Clients
    • Staff
    • Organization 
  • Choose a Platform
    • Non-negotiable
    • Compare and Contrast Strategies
    • The Demo Process
  • Build Your Platform
    • Think like a User
    • Branding
    • Feature Breakdown
  • Fill Your Community
    • Community Build Strategies
    • Community Engagement Strategies
    • Your Interaction
  • Sustainability
    • Keep them coming
    • Budget
    • Monitoring & Maintenance
Each module comes with various handouts found in your workbooks and debrief questions designed to help you digest and apply the content.

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About the Authors

This course was created by the executive team at KovirPage LLC. 

Marie Gress is a licensed master level social worker with specialties in macro practice and older adults.  She is the CEO of KovirPage and Founder of WizeCove.  She has 11 years of professional experience in the community based non-profit sector and over 6 years with older people.  She has spent most of her social work career doubling as an accidental techie, especially during the time she worked at a senior center (both for aging clients and fellow staff).

Evan is an engineer and tech guy who has been given the nickname of “Mr. Solutions.”  He finds the best solutions for our clients’ technology needs – an agency or individuals.  Evan is the CIO/CTO of KovirPage, runs the KovirTech division, and is the founder of AgeFlux. 

What they can’t find, they create!