Increasing Socialization Amid Covid and Beyond

A Virtual Senior Center Solution

Reach your senior community with virtual programs and content to complement your on-site operations. 

Are your older people still struggling with isolation and loneliness? 

This platform solution provides a space where you can create a social community as well as a catalog of programs to keep your members supported whether you are closed for covid outbreak, inclement weather, seasonal relocation, and more.

Embrace Change – Leverage Resources – Empower Healthy Aging 
Senior citizen participating in an online video chat with his senior friends

Our CEO discusses how AgeFlux address two of the Grand Challenges.






Security & Privacy

Customized for you.


Our members don’t use technology.  Will this be a waste of our money?

Definitely not a waste and we’d challenge you on assuming because your members are older they are not using technology.  Pew Research and other groups have proven digital adoption among those 50+ has increased over fivefold in the last four or five years.  The landscape is rapidly changing, let’s keep your organization at the forefront.

We don’t charge for membership or classes.  Is this still a fit for us?

YES.  While we include ways to monetize your programs and membership, you can create free member levels and use RSVPs instead of purchasing for your programs.

We have some systems in place, how will AgeFlux impact those?

This is a great question.  Some of our clients have found AgeFlux replaces, streamlines, and makes more affordable several of the systems they were previously using.  This helps their staff and their budget!

Because we are WordPress based, there are many many systems we integrate seamlessly with.  Others, such as your protected CRMs, may not allow direct integration at the moment, but we’ve made imports and exports easy to use so you aren’t replicating work.

Is AgeFlux HIPPA compliant?

We have a number of security features and encryption methods in the base plan including privacy policies and secure password requirements, but you will have to request a HIPPA compliance upgrade.  Most senior centers don’t require HIPPA measures as these deal with diagnosis and medications.  

My team doesn’t have tech skills or an accidental techie.  Do you think we’d be able to maintain this?

YES.  We offer lots of support and training during your set up period.  We will teach you our successful strategies to engaging older people by using younger older people.  We also have tech support options if you do need additional support.  We want you to be successful!

What are your fees?

We like to be upfront about pricing, especially since many sites are considering fundraising or a grant to support this new service.  While the competing solutions don’t adapt their services for older people are charging $5k-$60k, we’ve developed a solution that starts at $2615 annually.  

Our set up fee includes 60 days of creation, strategy, and training, and starts at $1357.  While we maintain the security and integrity of your platform on going, some sites need extra support making events and pages.  On-going tech support starts at $650 annually.

Why do we have to pay for additional tech support?

Included in your annual fee are maintenance of your site, the security of your site, check-ups, upgrades, and other monitoring activities.  If a bug comes up on your site, we are of course going to fix and maintain that.

The additional support would be activities such as page creation, calendar updates, course creation, and other tasks on your website your team doesn’t have the bandwidth or technical know-how to complete well.

Covid is almost over, should we really invest in this?

Most definitely.  Here is our data sheet.

First, a note on covid:  While most states as of January 2021 are vaccinating 65+ persons, vaccinations are rolling out much slower than expected.  Also, the new strain has arrived in the United States and we don’t know how this will impact our older people going forward.  Realistically, 2022 is the soonest we can expect our senior centers and community-based services to have normalcy.  Our partners at WizeCove leads monthly reopening workshops for senior centers, please speak with this group for up to date information.

Second, a note on when it’s “over”:  Senior Centers were not prepared to go digital when covid-19 arrived, but we can now prepare for other instances when our people have to be remote, included but not limited to:

  • Homebound for health reasons or after surgery
  • Sick Day
  • Not enough physical space for all attendees
  • Snowbirds and Sunbirds
  • Inclement Weather – polar vortexes, blizzards, hurricanes, etc.
  • Renovation of the Center
  • After Hour Program Access

Why do seniors like this?

Your older people trust you to keep their information private, that is not something they get from major social media platforms.

Older people like that there are no algorithms hiding or oversharing information.

Older people like that AgeFlux is designed for them as opposed to youth – from branding to buttons, we use aging-centered user experience and user interfaces.

Does it really help with socialization and loneliness?

Our team is a combination of techies and gerontological social workers doing everything in their power to equip your team and your site with the tools, skills, and strategies to increase socialization and decrease isolation and loneliness.  While too soon to share detailed data, 100% of our clients are reporting success.

That said, the success of your community in meeting your goals and KPIs is ultimately up to your admins and community members.  We provide ample training and check-ins to help you get there.